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Preserve Natural Ecosystems with Professional Trail Building

At Conte Company, our expertise in trail building is deeply rooted in our commitment to preserving natural ecosystems. We specialize in the design, planning, construction, and maintenance of various types of trails that blend harmoniously with nature. We have a great deal of experience treading lightly in sensitive environments to ensure fragile environments are left unharmed.

Our experience as site work contractors allows us to be invaluable during the pre-construction process. We excel in delivering practical insights on feasibility, budgeting, trail alignment, and cost implications, ensuring our trails are not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective. We work on private and public sector projects, including with private landowners, municipalities, and organizations aiming to develop on public land.

Ultimately, the goal for every trail we build is to bring communities closer to nature, promoting environmental appreciation and outdoor engagement.

Sometimes, creativity should go unnoticed...

One of the things that truly differentiates us as a trail builder is our attention to detail in every aspect of the project. The location of the trail, its alignment, surface materials, boardwalk construction, drainage methods, and other creative subtleties are all crucial to the success of a trail building project. In other words, we build trails that blend into their natural surroundings, almost as if they belong there.

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You don’t mess with Mother Nature . . . which is why we always tread lightly.

It’s the things you don’t see that matter most…

Problem Solving

Surprises are inevitable when building a trail. Creative problem solving is often necessary to address challenges that arise from trail alignment, adverse soil conditions, environmental concerns, and bridge requirements.

Subgrade Planning

Maximizing the lifespan of a trail guarantees years of enjoyment for its visitors. We take time to carefully plan a trail’s subgrade to minimize settling and ensure proper drainage, extending the life of your investment substantially.

Conscious Environmentalism

Our team practices conscious environmentalism above all else. We have extensive experience in sensitive sites like wetlands, a deep understanding of eco-friendly practices, and a genuine commitment to the environment.

Geotechnical Expertise

Trails often span over a wide range of environments such as muddy and poor soils, wetlands, stream crossings, rock ledge, and more. As geotechnical contractors, our expertise in pile foundations for boardwalks and ground improvements allow us to overcome any challenges nature throws at us.

Clean Construction

For us, trail building is all about treading lightly. For each project, our top priority is the pristine environment in which we build our trails. Minimizing environmental impact will always come before the cost and speed of construction.

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