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Residential Jobs

We've installed hundreds of pile foundations for homes throughout the Northeast and understand the needs of residential contractors.

Commercial Jobs

We're experienced commercial contractors who install helical pile foundation systems to some of the biggest GCs in the country.

Expertise from Experience

Conte Co is the largest installer of Hubbell-Chance helical piles in New England.

Competitive Bids

Our experience installing pile foundations allows us to bid jobs aggressively and accurately. Bulk discounts from our suppliers means we provide the most competitive bids in the industry.

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Design-Build Pile Foundation Contractors

From simple jobs to complex projects, we know what it takes.

Marine & Wetlands

Pile foundations are uniquely qualified to support beachfront or lakefront homes, as well as boardwalks, docks, bridges, dams and retaining walls.


Piles can repair existing foundations that have become dilapidated, unstable or require additional support from changes over time.

Elevated Structures

Pile installation is great for coastal construction, bridges and highway overpasses or preventing structural damage from earthquakes and flooding.

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And we were just featured on the cover of The Who's Who in Building & Construction The BlueBook Magazine.

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Only the Best Materials

We exclusively install helical piles manufactured by Hubbell-Chance.

Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. and Chance