Introducing Drivecast™ The Next Generation of Pile Foundation 

Introducing Drivecast - A Revolutionary Screw Displacement Pile for Stronger Foundations

Introducing Drivecast - A Revolutionary Screw Displacement Pile for Stronger Foundations

Drivecast™ is a highly innovative anchoring solution which can provide tremendous support for heavy loads. This brand-new technology uses a unique soil displacement methodology to advance a pile into the ground via rotation. Each pile section consists of a centralized shaft made of structural steel, while displacement assemblies are attached at regular intervals from the head.

Conte Company helped Hubbell-Chance® with the design and development of this revolutionary new pile, and the end result is unlike any other deep foundation system we’ve ever seen before. By coupling the simplicity of helical piles with the stability of displacement piles, we’ve come up with a better solution for some of the trickiest deep foundation projects.

Advantages of the Drivecast System

There are a number of advantages offered by the Drivecast system which make it very appealing from the standpoint of being cost-effective, being better adapted to specialized site requirements, and for providing maximum support as an anchoring solution.

  • higher capacity, smaller steel components
  • 3.5″ pipe shaft tested to provide over 100 tons
  • can be extended by simple bolted joint connections
  • grouted shaft offers corrosion resistance
  • increased buckling and lateral strength with larger grout shafts
  • proven to achieve higher capacities with shorter lengths
  • installation is less expensive because it can be accomplished by smaller crews
  • drilling costs less than Augercast but is more productive
  • no pre-drilling is necessary
  • there are no spoils, and no expensive trucking of spoil material off-site
  • ideal for usage in low-access, low-clearance situations
  • requires smaller, non-specialized equipment
  • minimal site disturbance and vibration

When you have limited access, Drivecast is a great solution

Because it can be installed using only small, standardized equipment, it can be used in areas which have limited access and clearance, and there is virtually no vibration or spoils which result from the process. Only a small crew is necessary to fully implement the Drivecast screw displacement pile, and this adds to its appeal as a system which offers minimal site disturbance. Its ease of installation coupled with high-performance anchoring, make this the most exciting pile installation product to come along in recent years.

Already, Drivecast screw displacement piles have been shown to be very effective in such applications as:

  • new construction
  • heavy highway projects
  • commercial or industrial buildings
  • bridges and abutments
  • sports field lighting
  • seawalls and secant walls
  • pipelines, sewers, and tank reservoirs
  • mid-rise foundations
  • highway lighting
  • underpinning

Whenever greater capacity might be required on a project, or where soil quality makes reliability an absolute must, Drivecast screw displacement piles will provide the optimal solution.

How it Works

The pile itself is advanced into the soil by downward pressure, at a rotation speed of between 5 and 20 RPMs, with both pressure and rotation levels determined by the character of the soil encountered at a drilling site. As the hydraulic drive-head progresses, and successive pile extensions are installed, a cylindrical void is created, into which gravity-fed cement grout is poured.

The grout is maintained in a surface-level reservoir and is prepared at the time of drilling. Drivecast piles are thus implemented in sections until the desired depth has been achieved. The result is a stable, high capacity, grouted displacement pile, with a steel core capable of anchoring virtually any kind of foundation.

Versatility of Application

Drivecast screw displacement pile installation is especially well adapted for situations where increased capacity is indicated, or in corrosive environments threaten deterioration of the piles. Because the gravity-fed cement grout surrounds the bore shaft as drilling occurs, a first level of protection is provided, and if soil conditions are particularly corrosive, a hot-dip galvanized coating can be applied to establish a second line of defense against corrosion. Due to its usage of smaller, standardized equipment, it has a very compact installation process, making it ideal for sites where there might be low clearance, low overhead conditions, or restrictions on site disturbance.

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