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Helical piles have been used in every industry around the world to provide foundational support for construction projects of all types and sizes. Helical systems are employed for all types of soils, to support many types of large and small structures.

Conte Company uses the highest quality piles, installed by our qualified professionals, to build the longest lasting foundations in the industry. Extensive experience installing helical pile foundations means we can bid jobs accurately and aggressively. Combined with great prices on supplies from Earth Anchoring Suppliers, we are able to provide the most competitive bids on helical anchoring solutions in New England.

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Manufactured by Hubbell Power Systems, Inc.


Widely considered the world’s leading authority in foundation equipment and suppliesHUBBELL-CHANCE® has been designing and manufacturing superior foundation systems for over 100 years.

CHANCE Helical Piles have been used in thousands of applications and countless projects across the globe. They are the first choice for structural anchoring in residential and commercial projects alike, as they remain an extremely cost-effective solution compared to alternatives.

CHANCE Helical Piles are proudly 🇺🇸 MADE IN AMERICA with ♻️ Recycled Steel.

Guaranteed Quality

When installed by a CHANCE Certified Installer, all HUBBELL-CHANCE civil construction products are backed by 30 year warranty.

Certified Installers are bound to incredibly high standards and must complete the highest level of specialized training. The exacting requirements to become a Certified Installer assure that each deep foundation project is completed competently and efficiently, by the most qualified professionals.

Conte Company is a CHANCE Certified Installer. We pride ourselves in constructing only the highest-quality foundations, and exclusively install HUBBELL-CHANCE Helical Pile Systems.

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Research & Development

Since 1912, CHANCE brand products have led the earth anchoring industry by continually researching, developing and engineering the most technically advanced, deep foundation products on the market. Their commitment to producing the world’s best foundation equipment has led to acclaim throughout the construction community.

To this day, Hubbell Power System, Inc. continues research and development efforts, in conjunction with the CHANCE Alliance Network to advance helical piles within the deep foundation industry.

Helical PileS Applications


Helical pile foundations are tremendously useful in a variety of unique soil conditions. Soil stabilization pilings are highly effective in commercial, residential, industrial and infrastructural applications.

Conte Company has a vast amount of experience designing and installing pile systems for all sorts of construction projects in all types of soils. With every project we complete, we bolster our unmatched reputation for high-quality workmanship and professionalism. With our extensive industry knowledge and a willingness to understand the specific needs of our clients, Conte Company continues to lead in the soil foundation field.

Below are just a small sample of projects where helical pile solutions can be highly effective…

Commercial/Industrial Pile Construction

With load capacities that compare to much larger pile types, project size is rarely an issue.

  • Office buildings, skyscrapers, shopping malls, supermarkets
  • Schools, libraries, hospitals, theaters, sporting arenas/stadiums
  • Factories, warehouses, government/military structures
  • Retaining walls, tank farms, sewer/pipelines and many other industrial applications

Residential Pile Construction

No matter where you call home, helical piles can prevent or repair unstable foundations.

  • Apartment buildings, condo/townhome communities, dormitories
  • Homes on the water (beaches, lakes, rivers, wetlands)
  • Homes in areas prone to flooding or with a high water table
  • Multi-story homes in seismically active locations (prone to earthquakes)

Infrastructural Pile Construction

Infrastructure keeps our world connected. Strong foundations keep our infrastructure stable.

  • Highways, parking garages, railroads, metro stations, airport terminals
  • Bridges, raised rail lines, highway underpasses/overpasses
  • Docks, wharfs, harbors, marinas and lighthouses (also see marine applications)
  • Power plants, transformer platforms, transmission towers, wind/solar farms

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Custom Application & Fabrication

helical piles custom fabrication

Many projects require terminations, adapters, and attachments that are not typically fabricated by helical pile manufacturers. These custom pieces can be difficult to find and costly to expedite. Conte Company can provide custom designed and fabricated products to meet the needs of any projects. We also create custom parts that allow the use of helical piles where they typically haven’t been used. This allows us to provide a cost effective solution to an otherwise expensive pile application.

Drive-Cast Displacement Pile

Conte Company (in collaboration with Hubbell-Chance) is the developer of the innovative Drive-Cast Displacement Pile. This patent-pending technology allows for a faster, less disruptive installation as compared to other types of piles. These high-capacity piles continuously displace soil as they are being installed, while simultaneously filling the void with grout. The resulting centralized steel shaft, enclosed by a column of grout, have load capacities similar to more expensive alternatives. What’s more, they can be installed by smaller crews, in less time, in areas with limited access, all without pre-drilling.

More benefits of Drive-Cast piles:

  • Great for projects with access issues
  • Immediate loading
  • Small equipment or hand-held install
  • Install in contaminated soils
  • No concrete curing
  • Install faster than most pile and tie-back systems
  • Use in temporary situations

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The team at Conte Company has the experience and the technical skills to tackle even the most complex helical pile projects. Together, we’ll evaluate your plan, determine any and all potential issues, and discuss the best way forward.

Our capable staff will come up with an economical solution that meets your needs. Our design/build methodology results in a single point of contact and a better overall understanding of the project. This leads to fewer problems and a more efficient process.