Specialized Soil Foundations


Conte Company specializes in the design, installation and testing of deep foundation systems for construction projects that require advanced geotechnical engineering. Building on unsuitable soils can complicate a project right from the start, but a proper foundation will support structures of all types and sizes. Identifying and implementing the most efficient foundation system for various types of soils, access and loading requirements, is what we do best.

We work closely with our trusted network of geotechnical engineers, along with your project engineers, to ensure safety and reliability, both during development and long after the project is complete. The highly experienced staff at Conte Company understands the engineering and testing behind geotechnical construction, something few other pile installers can claim.

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Deep Foundation Systems


Deep foundations are a critical component of modern commercial, industrial and residential construction. Pile foundations allow for massive structures to be built just about anywhere, on any type of soils.

Helical piles are a Conte Company specialty, and are widely considered to be some of the most reliable, budget-friendly, deep foundation options available. They lend themselves to a wide range of applications and can be installed rapidly with smaller machinery, making them a great alternative to drilled piles, driven piles or augercast systems.

A properly designed and correctly installed helical pile foundation system will help support even the largest buildings, bridges, platforms and infrastructure projects that architects and engineers design.

Below are just a few examples of how and where deep foundation systems can be applied. Learn more about the benefits of helical pile solutions and our exclusive partnership with Hubbell-Chance.

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Elevated Structures


Building on top of a raised foundation is done for a variety of reasons, and few foundation methods offer as much flexibility or range of application as a helical pile system. Typically, an elevated building foundation is required to prevent damage to the superstructure itself, but can also be a tool to devise stylistic elements and creative architectural designs.

Pile elevated construction applications:

  • Coastal construction and areas prone to flooding
  • Bridges and highway underpasses/overpasses
  • Raised rail lines
  • Prevention of structural damage in areas prone to earthquakes
  • Unique architectural concepts

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In many projects, underpinning is required to strengthen and provide additional support to an existing foundation. Particularly useful in renovations, older foundations can become decrepit and ineffective over time. These construction projects will often demand structural repair of the footing before restoration can even begin. Helical pier underpinning is one the most widely accepted techniques for renovation projects, renowned especially for it’s ability to be installed in relatively confined spaces.

Underpinning applications:

  • Original foundation has become dilapidated or unstable
  • Repurposing of (or addition to) an existing structure which requires additional support
  • Nearby construction or excavation which endangers the supporting soils
  • Soil properties have changed or been adversely affected over time
  • Traditional concrete and helical underpinning methods

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Marine and Wetland Construction


Helical piles are the preferred choice for constructing solid foundations in inaccessible coastal, wetland, offshore and other marine applications. Helicals are far easier to install than alternative methods in wet conditions, and they can achieve capacity for lateral and uplift requirements immediately once installed. Due to the complex nature of building in areas bordered by or even in shallow water, constructing a robust and resilient foundation system is as important as ever.

Piled marine and wetland applications:

  • Bridges, dams and reservoir retaining walls
  • Beachfront/lakefront homes, pavilions and clubhouses
  • Docks, wharfs, harbors, marinas and lighthouses
  • Construction on marshes, bays and swamplands
  • Areas prone to tidal or atypical flooding

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