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A Helical Pile Family - Conte Company in Connecticut

Conte Co. makes the cover of Blue Book!

Conte Company has made the cover of the latest edition of “The Who’s Who” (Eastern MA and Southern NH region), published by The Blue Book, and it’s a great read.

In the article, Blue Book explores how embracing a solid philosophy of innovation can help bring you success and business growth as exemplified by Conte Company.

It’s an honor to be Blue Book’s Featured Contractor

Ask anyone in the construction industry which business network has been the most influential for their own business growth, and the same answer will pop up again and again. The Blue Book.

There is strength in numbers. With so many participating contractors under one roof, you can imagine the influence Blue Book wields. They are simply the best go-to source for industry professionals to find quality contractors.


We at Conte Company always use Blue Book to find the resources we need. Now that we have been featured on the cover, and in a four-page article complete with glossy photos of our team at work, we are humbly reminded that roots count. This is a summary of our story.

Conte Company: Deep Roots & Powerful Innovation

Almost 70 years ago, Conte Company was founded in Norwalk CT. One generation later, James Conte took over the operations and recognized that big changes were coming down the pike very quickly. He sensed, before many others, that the gap between design and construction was closing and earned himself an architectural degree to accommodate this new way of thinking. He was unafraid of adapting to new technology, and fully embraced the changing landscape of the industry.

Today, Matt, Anthony and Michael are third-generation Contes. They manage the day to day activities of Conte Company in the same building their grandfather built, but also keep sharp eyes on the changing opportunities within their industry.

Always mindful of the legacy passed down by the earlier generations, they have now restructured the company to take advantage of their combined strengths, skills and education.

Just as James expanded what his father did into more commercial work, these three brothers have created a new division, focused on concrete/ geotechnical work and specialty site work.

Today, Conte Company is focused on the future of Helical Pile technology

Matt Conte earned his engineering degree at Syracuse University where he connected with a professor focused on the development of the relatively new helical pile technology.

Matt graduated from Syracuse University with civil engineering and construction management degrees and a firsthand education in helical piles. One of his professors was a helical pile pioneer, having developed the design and engineering for the system, and Matt was eager to offer these services to Conte Co. clients.

Today, the strong partnerships Conte Company has forged with CHANCE• and Hubbel Power Systems Inc. are direct outgrowths of that early, mentoring relationship. Matt saw piles as the future and introduced the fledgling, helical pile technology to their own customers starting in 2007.

Helical pile foundations are quickly becoming an economical and tremendously reliable alternative to traditional pile foundations. Helical piles can be used in a wide variety of applications and have garnered wide appeal throughout the commercial construction industry. In particular, they are often chosen for jobs where accessibility is limited or an existing structure could be damaged by big machinery or violent pile installation techniques.

Not only are they continuously finding new applications for helical pile use, but because helical piles are so strong and versatile, they are starting to replace some of the older and more cumbersome technologies previously used for deep foundation work.

As Conte Company has become more and more familiar with helical pile foundation systems, they have also expanded the ways in which they’re used. Few companies have innovated the way Conte Company has because they have the agility and the drive of a small family company.

“We like to find the work that no one wants because they didn’t take the time to think and problem-solve. This gives us the ability to work closely with our clients and adapt our abilities to meet their needs. With our commitment to technology evident, clearly we are ready to problem-solve, and if some aspect of a technology doesn’t quite work, we are going to work to create a better one.”

As a matter of fact, helical piles have so much potential, that Conte Company has and continues to invent and develop concepts that physically improve the capabilities of existing technologies. For example, Conte Company has been working with Hubbel Power Systems Inc. on their DRIVECAST™ helical pile system, which uses soil displacement to maximize grouting and speed up installation.

As our client list continues to grow, so does our experience, as many of our well-known clients will attest…

You can see some of our work in our helical pile project photo gallery and includes some of the work we’ve done at Logan International Airport, for JetBlue in Boston, MA; the U.S. Navy submarine base in Groton, CT.;  Eversource Energy; Keolis Commuter Services; The Dow Chemical Co.; and many, many other high-profile and highly delicate foundation projects around New England.


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