Big News: Announcing Conte Company’s New Strategic Partnership with Geopier®


We are thrilled to announce our latest venture, a strategic partnership with Geopier, marking a significant milestone in our continued effort to co-develop an innovative ground improvement solution. As a certified installer of Geopier’s revolutionary RevPier™ system in Connecticut, we are bringing a game-changing approach to foundational support.

Conte Company has been working closely with Geopier to implement a sister product to their Rammed Aggregate Pier® System, one of the most trusted and versatile methods of ground improvement on the market. The new RevPier System offers an alternative method of installation which requires smaller machinery and minimizes vibration, providing value on a variety of sites where disruption, limited access, and sensitive surroundings are a concern.

Transforming Ground Improvement with RevPier™

Our collaboration with Geopier® revolves around the RevPier™ system, a technique that stands out as a cost-effective alternative to traditional deep foundation methods. This groundbreaking technology uses stone aggregate piers to reinforce and stabilize supporting soils, ensuring adequate bearing capacity for shallow foundations.

Versatility at Its Best

Conte Company is adding RevPier to its geotechnical solutions capabilities as  RevPier isn’t just about strength; it’s about flexibility. This bottom feed displacement method is perfectly suited for both large and small structures, covering a wide spectrum of construction projects. What makes it even more remarkable is its adaptability to various site conditions, making it a versatile solution for diverse construction needs.

Zero-Impact, High Efficiency

One of the most commendable features of the RevPier system is its zero-impact, rotational installation process. This makes it an ideal choice for sites with sensitive surroundings, such as hospitals, factories, and railroads. By minimizing disruption and vibration, RevPier ensures that critical operations in these areas can continue unhindered, while still receiving the necessary ground improvement.

Learn More About Our Strategic Partnership with Geopier

Our strategic partnership with Geopier® is rooted in a shared commitment to providing reliable and efficient ground stabilization solutions. Together, we are motivated to redefine the applications of ground improvement solutions, making it more useful and efficient for a variety of new projects.

To learn more about this revolutionary ground improvement solution and about our strategic partnership with Geopier, request a no-obligation consultation with Conte Company today.

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A Strategic Partnership with Geopier - A Division of CMC
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